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True to its name, all the new DLC items sold in this update were expensive with steep price-tags.

The update added six new vehicles namely the Osiris, Windsor, Virgo, Stirling GT, Gold Luxor and Gold Swift.

Capture Creator Update – 8 April, 2014 It is the second major update in GTA Online after The Business Update as it brought four new DLC vehicles including Huntley S, Dewbauchee Massacro, Pegassi Zentorno and the Dinka Thrust motorcycle.

The Zentorno remains the most widely used supercar in the game while the Massacro still holds the honour for being the fastest sports car till date in GTA Online.

The T20 was the fastest new supercar until recently when Rockstar rolled out the Grotti X80 Proto.

The Business Update – 4 March, 2014 The Business Update is the first major update in GTA Online which added four new vehicles including the Alpha, Jester, Turismo R and the Vestra.On the weapons front, we got the Proximity Mines and the Homing Launcher.The Heists Update – 10 March 2015 It is the biggest update till date and also the most-awaited DLC in GTA Online.The San Andreas Flight School Update – 19 August, 2014 It is the third major update in the game after the Business and the High Life updates, which primarily added the training facility called 'Flight School' in GTA Online.The update also brought four new vehicles including the Coquette Classic, Buckingham Swift, Besra and the Miljet.

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