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I don't know why but I found this very amusing. The moment when I get ready to walk down that aisle and I see him standing there, waiting to spend forever with me; that makes me happy." Katie Hardester tells us, "A lady I work with, Mrs.Shawn, asked if I could try to build her a Christmas tree out of Coke bottles. So I tried one more time and this is what happened. " "I was looking out the window at Boston College and I saw the Coke truck drive by," Gieriet Bowen tells us.My soul mate, Dylan, asked me to share my life with him this past July.We're getting married August 26, 2016 and can't wait to share our love and celebrate with our amazing family and friends.We even plan to have custom #Share ACoke bottles made for our wedding favors!Thank you, Coca Cola for sharing in all of our most magical moments!

We decided to leave at that point, but as we came up the escalator, we saw Santa at the vending machine. It makes me happy knowing that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him.

"It was a hot day and we wanted something cold and refreshing.

Then we thought how cool would it be to drink a Coke in front of the White House! " "So I was doing my last minute Christmas shopping with my mother when we wanted to be silly and take a picture with Santa Claus," Jessica Sinacore tells us.

I love my sister so much and I think she looks stunning with her naturally long eyelashes and cute little bottle of "I like anything which can be used in an artistic way while helping make the environment beautiful," Noorani Barkat says.

"I believe that art is anything which can add beauty to a place.

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