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SOVno ( ( (Health Tip) ( Sover best uten piller (22.2.2008) Sover dårlig med antidepressiver (17.6.2008) Sleep tips: 7 steps to better sleep (Aug.

10, 2012) - Rommet bør være så mørkt som mulig, enten det er med persienner eller blendingsgardiner (vg 21.3.2014) Forskere: Lyset fra din tablet ødelægger dit biologiske ur (15.5.2014) Insomnia (søvnløshet) (JAMA.

Can orange light therapy help people who have serious mental disorders? We're trying to do something about that," says Håvard Kallestad, a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's (NTNU) Department of Mental Health. It has different wavelengths of red, yellow and blue.

He is part of a team that is integrating a special light treatment into the new emergency psychiatric center at St. This is the very first such center in Norway, and one of only very few worldwide. (…) A lot of electronics like television screens, LED lights, lamps, tablets and mobiles contain blue light.

(…) These relationships were even stronger in those who habitually sleep for less than five hours a night.

Dr Weighall said: "There is now a very compelling case to say there is a strong relationship between getting a good night's sleep and experiencing better health, wellbeing and memory function." (5.9.2017).) (Anm: Linking depression, insomnia, and the brain's reward center (19.9.2017).) (Anm: Hjerneforsker: Det aller dummeste du kan gjøre med tiden din.

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Dessuten ser det ut til at søvnmangelen får hjernen til å prioritere lagring av ting det er knyttet negative følelser til.

(…) Cognitively, sleep deprivation has a wide range of adverse effects. However, new research shows that the cognitive effects of sleep loss vary from person to person, and that these differences may be down to our genetic makeup.

Scientists led by Paul Whitney, who is a professor of psychology at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, found a genetic variation that explains why some people perform certain cognitive tasks a lot better than others after they have been sleep deprived. ().) (Anm: Sleep Deprivation Diminishes Attentional Control Effectiveness and Impairs Flexible Adaptation to Changing Conditions. 2017 Nov 22;7(1):16020.) (Anm: Søvn: Britisk søvnforsker til - Ja, kvinner trenger mer søvn enn menn.

A disrupted circadian rhythm can make us physically and mentally ill.

(7.12.2017).) (Anm: Study reveals how the body clock and time of day may influence autoimmune conditions ().) (Anm: Scientists propose new theory that ADHD may be linked to lack of regular circadian sleep.

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