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However, there are some scenarios that would be quite beneficial to us.

But without proper knowledge we are certainly not able to tell all that by just looking at the starry skies.

If you don't break it in good time, a greater disaster than a tsunami.

Its trauma would not be forgotten in 30 reincarnations.

Gemini being the leading sign of the air trigon, has a large number of planets which in one way or another affect its life.

That's why, when working on the plan for the next day, it can be extremely beneficial to consult the planets and see what they have to say about it.

Then another gemini I was with for 3years cheated on me.

Then a scorpio I was with for 8years was the love of my life, really thought he was the one.

Those of you, however, who care for their life from the astrological stand point, can certainly stay.

I was married to a virgo for 3years,he was a bully and cheat,although I had two lovely daughters with him.

Then A relationship with gemini for 4years, I fell out of love with him when he was secretive about his love for drugs.

Geminis today will be allowed everything - a slight flirtation with people of the opposite sex, moderate alcohol consumption, and even overeating.

Enjoy the upbeat mood of this Sunday and do not worry about how it will affect your figure or your respectable reputation.

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