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Today inside the theatre there are busts of former artists who had suffered Nazi persecution: Josef Čapek, Julius Fučík, Joe Jenčík, Václav Jiříkovský, Rudolf Karel, Anna Letenská, Vít Nejedlý, Josef Skřivan, Oldřich Stibor, Bedřich Václavek, Vladislav Vančura, František Zelenka. Hitler’s train reached the little Bohemian frontier station of Leipa, where Panzer Corps Commander General Erich Hoepner awaited him with Colonel Erwin Rommel (who was to command the ‘Führer HQ’). the frontier barrier was raised for him to cross into Czecho-Slovakia, and in a snowstorm his convoy headed on to the capital.

There is also a memorial plaque with verses of Stanislav Kostka Neumann, dedicated to the memory of theatre actors who died during the fascist occupation. To the consternation of Himmler and the security staff, Hitler decided to drive right on to Prague. He stood in his open car, saluting as he passed his regiments. At first nobody knew where Hácha’s official residence, the Hradcany Castle, was.

It was the peace of the graveyard, but Heydrich won the affection of the Czech workers to such an extent – for instance, by introducing the first ever Bismarckian social security and pension schemes – that 30,000 Czechs thronged into Wenceslas Square in Prague to demonstrate against his murder in 1942.

On May 27, 1942, at AM, Obergruppenführer-ϟϟ Reinhard Heydrich proceeded on his daily drive from his home in Paneneske Brezany to Prague Castle.

As Heydrich’s open-topped Mercedes-Benz approached, Gabčík stepped in front of the vehicle, trying to open fire, but his Sten gun jammed.

Heydrich ordered his driver, ϟϟ-Oberscharfuehrer Klein, to stop the car.

Their armed forces were dissolved, and their officers were given state pensions on Hitler’s orders, to purchase their dependence and complicity.

The industrious Czechs accepted rich contracts from the Reich and learned eventually to cherish the enforced by Reinhard Heydrich in 1941.

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