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I am fairly certain the numerous photos of a doctor are not the writer.

I cannot, however, find them on google image search. I have a lot of personal information about him but not numbers of course.

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My scammer's name was Richard Hutchings aka Rick Cudney, sent money via WU and MG to Zacharia Olawale, Olabode Dambola both in Nigeria, Krista Graziano and Tolulope Oloniyo both in TX, this scammer was clever and had so many "fake names" I had no idea. He was currently working in Israel finishing up a project.

Then at his instructions..wired out to Africa and Nigeria!

After reading through this blog I'm fairly sure I'm talking with one of the scammers described here.

I am hoping we can set up a private FB account where we can post names, phone numbers, pictures etc. I have all these stories too, from 2 guys at the same time. Someone in the government might be interested in all the information we have collectively?

It's like they all took the same scam training class. I am at the point where they will start to ask for money. That would be great to have somewhere to compare note's.

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