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The mass production of personal computers, aggressive advertising campaigns focusing on the virtues of Internet access, their relative adaptability to local chores previously done “by hand”, together with the gain in time and efforts saved, have together configured a new ideological terrain, allegedly available at a mouse click.

In this fashion, the preachers of promise have spread their infectious message.

Their role is to become open forums for their audiences, composed of different actors: women, children, people with disabilities, farmers, indigenous and local organizations, environmentalists, young people, etc.

Their main objective is to promote social and cultural sustainability through community participation in community affairs and the radio project itself.

The exceptions appear to be those governments who today do not pursue an active agenda for the incorporation of information and communication technologies as tools of governance and public administration.

There is now a corpus of cases and experiences, some failures, the majority with a modicum of success, and these lessons learned now require some review, evaluation and reworking into teaching applications.

In Mexico, other forms of public access to ICTs remain incipient, with the exception of the impressive proliferation of cybercafés, which merit a separate treatment.

Many of these stations employ Internet resources when preparing news programmes, and actively distribute their e-mail addresses on the air so that the public can interact with announcers and radio personalities.What they share is a struggle to sustain their independent status and their operational budgets. Together they offer a portrait gallery of rich possibilities in local appropriation now underway and explored below.Community radios are known as those radio stations with no commercial intent whose programming and broadcasting is devoted to reaffirming the cultural diversity and texture of different community sectors and social movements.It is common to find the radio serving purposes linked to regional integration and the organization of daily life.Commercial radio is a solid and prosperous industry in Mexico today.

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